Serenity Spa, Hair and Cafe
About Serenity Spa

Imagine a place created to renew body and soul. At Serenity Spa, Hair and Café, we offer you much more than replenishment for the body - we offer a refuge for the soul, a chance to boost your spirits through body wraps, massages and a variety of programs dedicated to your wellness. You will leave feeling refreshed and revitalized.

At Serenity Spa, Hair and Café, we are committed to the healthiest approach to total body care. In a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere, you will discover a full menu of professional treatments selected to provide you with the ultimate in beauty and health.

Serenity Spa, Hair and Café was established in April, 2000, at the busy intersection of Brock Street and Barrie Street in downtown Kingston, Ontario. Facing the oncoming Brock Street traffic is a mural depicting a Renaissance-era woman pouring water from a jug, as a source of life-giving water to heal and refresh body and soul. The image has become synonymous with Serenity Spa, Hair and Café.